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Stormy Aquamarine Gemstone Earrings

Stormy Aquamarine Gemstone Earrings

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Stormy Aquamarine Gemstone Earrings

These earrings are made with authentic facet-cut Stormy Aquamarine gemstones.

Zodiac Signs: Aries & Pisces

Aquamarine is a stone of peace and calm. Throughout history, it has been considered a good luck charm for sailors; providing safe passage in stormy seas. Stormy Aquamarine is also said to instill feelings of courage and bravery to the wearer, so that they can weather all seas, no matter how stormy.

Materials include:

  • 4mm high-quality facet-cut Aquamarine stones and your choice of either:
  • sterling silver french hooks
  • OR
  • 14/20 KT gold french hooks

Handmade with authentic crystals and gemstones in the USA

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